v10.2 (26.05.2022)
Guiding Legislation
  • The Terms and Conditions below are subjective and are enforced in accordance with the Electronic Commerce Act.
  • By providing access to a service, LayerFort B.V. not responsible for the content of the information transmitted and the activities of the customer of the service pursuant to Art. 13, Art. 14, Art.15, Art.16 of the Electronic Commerce Act.
  • All disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the competent authorities.
The Customer is referred to as PARTNER and LayerFort B.V. for brevity. hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER.

  • The PARTNER may use the SUPPLIER's services in accordance with this Terms and Conditions.
  • The PARTNER has full responsibility for the confidentiality of its PARTNER name and password and the activities and inactivity that continue with his account.
  • The PARTNER is required to keep an archive of its information on SUPPLIER's server separate from the above.
  • The PARTNER is obliged to provide all required personal data completely and correctly to the SUPPLIER and is responsible for all actions on the services of the SUPPLIER before the competent authorities.
  • The SUPPLIER is responsible for providing the service through its infrastructure as well as only providing technical access to the PARTNER.
  • The SUPPLIER is not responsible for the proper functioning of the applications/ web applications of the PARTNER.
  • SUPPLIER is not responsible for:
  • The way the PARTNER uses the service with all the consequences such as:
  • The inability of the PARTNER to establish a connection with the SUPPLIER's communication equipment, unless it is not the reason and the responsibility of the SUPPLIER;
  • The security of the information on the network, as well as third parties find out the method and details of authentication, regardless of the reason and/or ways of knowing including cases of breach affecting the equipment, network and data corrupted;
  • The content and updating of the information transmitted or processed via the SUPPLIER's network;
  • Instances of third party misconduct, gaining unauthorized access, transmission or spread of computer viruses, etc. that managed to overcome the antivirus and/or "Firewall", using the SUPPLIER's system for the purpose of protecting the security of information on the network;
  • SUPPLIER is required to record content of blocked/expired accounts hold for a period of 30 days.
  • Accounts that violate these "Terms and Conditions" will be disabled. Depending on the crime, the PARTNER may be informed by an e-mail from the SUPPLIER with a 24 hours period in which the PARTNER can correct the content or deactivate the account without any compensation from the SUPPLIER for the term of service.
  • The PARTNER has no right to send unsolicited commercial messages (spam). sending its service through the SUPPLIER's network.
  • SPAM is any message wanted or unwanted above 300 in a span of time of 1 hour, regardless of the application.
  • The SUPPLIER reserves the right to cancel the service if SPAM is detected. deactivate without prior notice to the PARTNER and without compensation for the duration of the service.
  • The SUPPLIER has the right to scan the contents of the PARTNER with intent to support or review suspected violations of the "Terms and Conditions".
  • The SUPPLIER is obliged to provide reliable protection to the PARTNER. The PARTNER is responsible for the security of their content e.g. its code in files and passwords.
  • The SUPPLIER reserves the right to cancel the service if SPAM is detected. deactivate without prior notice to the PARTNER and without compensation for the duration of the service.
  • In the event of a breach of the security of the PARTNER's content, the SUPPLIER assumes no responsibility. The SUPPLIER has the right to recover any data only at the request of the PARTNER.
  • All materials on this website, including, without limitation, any editorial materials, photographs, illustration and other graphic material, names, logos, trademarks and service marks are the property of SUPPLIER and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.
  • SUPPLIER reserves the right to limit or completely suspend services that intellectual property for any reason without the right of the legal owner of the property.
  • The SUPPLIER retains the archives/data created for its needs in the event of critical circumstances and technical issues on SUPPLIER's equipment in case parties and third parties want to cause damage.
  • SUPPLIER reserves the right to remove files larger than (200 MB) when backing up to avoid straining the system.
  • The full activation of the domain name(s) requested by PARTNER will take place after become active 3 days after registration with the SUPPLIER's registrar.
  • The SUPPLIER is not responsible in cases where the PARTNER has lost the expired data delivered incorrectly, incompletely or inaccurately and this lead to refusal.
  • SUPPLIER agrees to send an email to the PARTNER specified email address 30 days before 15 days of expiration on the domain name/en.
  • The SUPPLIER is not responsible if the PARTNER emails the reminder /s has not been received or the specified e-mail address has changed and the SUPPLIER has not been informed.
  • SUPPLIER is not responsible if after expiry of the domain name(s) of the PARTNER a third party that has claimed, is not functioning or has been removed by the registrar, because the PARTNER has not paid on time to renew the registration of the domain name(s). The rates for a new registration are higher.
  • SUPPLIER is not responsible for emails not received by the PARTNER or third party. The SUPPLIER uses the last known e-mail address provided by the PARTNER. When changes take place, the PARTNER must inform the SUPPLIER in writing.
Service Level Agreement
  • SUPPLIER agrees and is obligated to maintain sites /services of all PARTNERS in the utmost condition as described in the General Terms and Conditions.
  • SUPPLIER shall provide PARTNER support 24/7/365, unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • SUPPLIER is not responsible for any interruption of PARTNER's service including the following cases:
  • Issues caused by a PARTNER who has violated these "Terms and Conditions" or uses a network/software/program that puts a load on SUPPLIER's network on which services are provided.
  • Issues at the hardware level that the SUPPLIER cannot control and do not fall within the software time frame of 10-20 min.
  • Issues caused by attacks or incorrect configuration and settings by the PARTNER itself.
  • SUPPLIER is required to find out the exact reason for the interruption from access to the service and help the PARTNER to maximum standards within its limits.
  • SUPPLIER is obliged to explain in detail about the cause to the PARTNER for the interruption of his service.
  • SUPPLIER is obliged and agrees to inform PARTNER what actions will be taken in the future to prevent such interruptions/factors.