Expat and looking for a place

Expat working in The Netherlands or going to work here?
We might be your solution for the short as long term saturation. Take a look at the listings or simply give us a call to see how we can resolute your stay.

Contractors & Firms

LayerFort will provide your personnel with the best conditions, based on your demands and desires.

  • Custom packages
  • Flexible agreements
  • All-in-one solution

There is a place for everyone

From one-bedroom studios to all-in estates with a personal butler. We've got the right places for you.

  • Short or Long-term
  • Budget related
  • Location guidelines

Customized agreements

Location guidelines, additional services as after-sale criteria. LayerFort will take care of it all from stand till the end.

Deposit Protection
Personal care
Save on commissions
Fast Process

Additional services